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    The user interface is simply an interface in the application layer networking and therefore can be invoked on several machines at once. This allows the flexibility of redundant human operators, or independent human operators in charge of their own subsystem. The GUI allows for human control off-site as well through an XML interface to a gateway node being used in the field. For more information about the application layer networking see that section.

    The GUI is divided into five different spaces. The bar across the top allows for user interaction with the map space using quick reference icons. The Upper left pane displays all service discovery, stream subscription, and command status. The lower left pane displays all map layers and allows for each one to be toggled by the user. The right pane provides the user with spatial situational awareness and can show all of the layers controlled by the lower left-hand pane. The bottom bar gives quick status, such as the time, location of the cursor on the map page, and that cursor location's distance from the current position of the node the GUI is running on.


    Service Discovery

    Stream Subscription

    Node Interface